ŁDF2018 edition

ŁDF2018 edition

Design deserves a REFLECTION

From 19th to 27th May 2018 - this is the new spring date of Łódź Design Festival. The changes do not only apply to the date. The event turns to the festival roots, focusing on education, critical discussion and the search for inspiration. The motto of this year's, 12th edition is REFLEKSJE (REFLECTIONS). The human-technology relationship will become the focus of attention this time. This issue will be addressed by the main exhibition "Nothing but flowers", prepared by Łódź Design Festival (curator Agata Połeć). Seeking answers to the question about the connections between us and contemporary objects, the Festival will encourage us to reflect on the importance of modern crafts and the value we attribute to the work of human hands. This year, the event also promises a greater presence in public space and the development of elements of the program addressing urban and architectural issues. We are currently looking for projects for must have - a plebiscite for the best Polish implementations (applications can be sent by February 28) and make me! - an international competition for the most promising young designer (until March 2), in which the winner will receive the main prize - Paradyż Award worth PLN 50,000 PLN, funded by the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż.

Łódź Design Festival is a source of inspiration for designers, architects, representatives of creative professions, but above all, for everyone interested in culture and changes that take place in our environment. It is the most opinion-forming event dedicated to design in Central and Eastern Europe. Experts from the best architectural studios and design studios, the attention of journalists from European and Polish design magazines, the participation of young, promising designers from all over Europe in the make me! competition, and finally over 3.000 products already awarded with the must have quality mark for the best-designed Polish products - this is the capital that the Festival team has been building continuously for over a decade. The program's strongest elements are always thematic exhibitions, meetings with experts in the field of design and architecture, discussions and lectures, as well as workshops for adults and children.

The festival reflects on itself, opens up to opinions and changes
This year's 12th edition is not just a change of the date from October to May - it is also a return to the most important festival values. The program of exhibitions, lectures and workshops allows to present well-designed objects, but above all to ask questions and to bring up the most important trends and challenges affecting contemporary design. Event organizers want to show design as a process, strategy, to search for valuable activities and to evaluate design in terms of solving problems and satisfying the needs of contemporary societies.

Reflections on technology, crafts and architecture
REFLEKSJE (REFLECTIONS) is the leitmotif of this year's edition, which provokes a critical look at contemporary design. The first area is the relationship between man and technology. As Wisława Szymborska wrote: "We live longer. But less precisely and in shorter sentences. We travel faster, farther, more often, But bring back slides instead of memories". We do not always keep up with what is new and often we can not predict the consequences of change. Does technology always help us, or perhaps more often excludes? Digitalization improves many areas of our lives, but also raises the fear of being put aside, falling out of circulation, losing control and uniqueness. How does technology affect our identity? This is the theme of the Festival, which will be widely discussed, among others as part of the main exhibition "Nothing but flowers".

The next area of reflection will be a man as a creator. Festival participants will look at the celebration of manual and craft work, as well as the values that they carry - apart from purely utilitarian. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the possessed objects, being the fruit of creative work, will be recalled. It is a reflection on the place of a man and his work, created out of thought and by hands, in the modern "accelerated everyday life". This issue will be addressed, among others by the ceramic exhibition "Kółko Kropka Kreska" ("Circle, Dot, Line"), curated by Magdalena Gazur, prepared in cooperation with Manufacture in Bolesławiec, Porcelana Kristoff and Huta Julia.
Significant topics discussed during the 12th edition of the Festival will include issues related to architecture and urban planning, especially in the context of revitalization. Lectures and presentations of the best architectural studios, as well as critical discussions with the participation of experts, moderated by Filip Springer, are just some of the proposals of Archiblock, addressed to professionals, but also to all enthusiasts of changes in public space.

News and evergreens of the Festival
The forum for the international promotion of the best Polish design will be a novelty in this year's program. Addressed to companies from all over the country, it will create a platform enabling the exchange of knowledge and experiences for representatives of the creative industry who are looking for effective ways to expand into markets in Poland and abroad. The program includes lectures and workshops with the participation of international experts.
The change to be continued in the following years will be the opening of the Festival for activities carried out in the city. Art_Inkubator, will stay at the heart of the event, but artistic installations of well-known Polish and international artists are planned in public spaces, including a work by Paweł Grobelny. Łódź galleries and design studios have also been invited to cooperate. During this edition, it will be worth to visit, among others The Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, CIty Art Galleries or the Book Art Museum.

Trademarks: must have and make me!
must have! is the most important Polish plebiscite promoting local design. It is a quality mark, which highlights the implementations of Polish designers and producers, presenting the latest trends in design, a Polish Red Dot, a distinction that companies and designers can use at home and abroad (participation in the competition and using the must have! title is free of charge). Expert Council - this year consisting of: Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc, Ewa Mierzejewska, Ewa Solarz, Anna Grużewska, Dominika Olszyna, Michał Mazur and Michał Piernikowski - evaluates projects in terms of functionality, innovation and aesthetics. So far, over three thousand products have been evaluated in eight editions of the plebiscite. Projects in this year's edition can be submitted by February 28. The award gala will be held on May 26, during the festival weekend, and the projects qualified for the finals will be displayed at the exhibition (more information: www.musthave.lodzdesign.com).

make me! is an international competition for young designers and students of design (20-35 years), promoting innovative projects, experimenting with the material, seeking new interpretations of the existing functions. The competition - thanks to the presentation of projects at the exhibition, the contact with experts and the promotion of finalists - can be a springboard for professional development. The winner will receive the Paradyż Award main prize of 50,000. PLN, funded by the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż. Works can be submitted until March 2. The finalist will be announced on May 19 during the Festival opening gala (more information: www.makeme.lodzdesign.com).

The next traditional event of the Festival is Edukreacja, an educational and development program for children. This year's edition includes: the exhibition "Give Poland a Hug", curated by Mamy Projekt (Pola Amber, Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska) and over a dozen design workshops. Edukreacja is a place for joint creative play and learning for families with children, for a good start of adventure with design. Admission to the Festival for children under 12 and seniors is free.

Łódź Design Festival is an event inviting to interaction and cooperation, open to new ideas and activities. The most interesting ones are presented in the Open Program which is an invitation to co-create the Festival, addressed to designers, curators, institutions and companies. It's a place to share experience, show the effects of one's work, inspire and become a part of Łódź Design Festival. Proposals for exhibitions, discussions and workshops can be submitted by March 15 (more information: www.lodzdesign.com). The most interesting initiatives will be included in the program of this year's event.

About the Festival
According to studies (research: "Diagnosis of design status" carried out on behalf of PARP in 2015 and "Designed in Poland, Analysis of the economic potential of the Polish design market" implemented by the Office of Social Research Question Mark in 2017), Łódź Design Festival is the most prestigious and most visited event related to design in Poland. Currently, it is also the most important event on design in Central and Eastern Europe.
Łódź Design Festival was created in 2007 as a review of the achievements of Polish design. From the beginning, it presents design in various aspects - from industrial design, through graphic design, architecture, craft, to the creation of services and interactions. Today, it focuses on asking questions, interpreting phenomena and critical discussion. It is a place for meetings and seeking inspiration. It presents innovations and projects that have a significant impact on our environment. Over 400,000 people from around the world have participated in it so far. The festival is carried out thanks to many years of support from the City of Łódź and the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż (www.lodzdesign.com).

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