Author: Associate Professor Adam Fołtarz, Ph.D.
Where: Biblio-Art Library of the Technical University of Łódź, Building B22, 223 Wólczańska Street
When: 17 – 24.05, time: 8:00 – 20:00
19.05 – closed

Algorithms - structural elements of a work of architecture, the space of an urbanised human environment. A landscape of the surrounding set of elements - architectural structures and nature; in mutual harmony or in a conflict or contrast in complexity, contradictions, in which order and chaos, history and avant-garde exist in the material world with subordinated ideas - here and now, or is it infeasible?

The resistance of matter in the process of creating artefacts, material structures in the sphere of emotions consistent with the nature of the environment, on the one hand, creates the need to define the ideas contained in the category of beauty, carrying the spiritual and aesthetic values of the object – the architectural space.

Contemporary ideas in architecture reinterpret the content of the Vitruvian Triad in relation to contemporary theories and practices in design and construction.

Alberti argued in the context of geometrization of form that: “Beauty is the harmony of all parts adapted to each other and in harmony and proportion to the work in which they are found”.

The multivalence of a work of architecture, the complexity of a work of art, in the creative process as a condensed purity of form - the product of synthesis, thought and experience, determines its beauty. Because "pure architecture viewed in sunlight - a real dream, an unreal flower to enrich your beauty". Santiago Calatrava 1951.

Nowadays, the boundaries between an engineering approach and artistic creation are blurred. Throughout the history of architecture, the works of many architects - artists - have marked a new quality and dynamics of change in the interpretation of works of architecture.