"Nothing but flowers" exhibition

The title of the exhibition directly refers to the song by Talking Heads. The protagonist of the text tells about the world in which he came to live - in harmony with nature, away from civilization, almost as in mythical Eden. It is not clear what caused the situation in which he found himself - was it a global catastrophe, resulting in the collapse of civilization; whether the overgrowth of the population required the necessity of moving into a natural, virgin environment. However, he remembers the times when the world was at the peak of technological development, and modern inventions made his everyday existence easier. He thinks about them with nostalgia and longs for the amenities of the past.

The exhibition touches he subject of modern man's attitude to technology and the relationships that take place between them. The technology is understood as modern inventions, more and more common robotization, automation, digitization - but also scientific achievements, biological experiments, artificial intelligence and broadly understood Internet. We are reflecting on how it affects everyday life, how it makes it easier, which can raise concerns.