"Circle / Dot / Line" exhibition

"Circle / Dot / Line" exhibition

Our Polish tables have always been a colourful and structureful space. This mix of styles, forms, cultures built a universal image of our meals.
A strong crystal cut, stamps on the stoneware from Bolesławiec and white glossy porcelain with a classic relief or floral crust used to fill the kitchen cabinets.
Each of these products was created by the work of human hands and behind each of them is a story about people and their struggles with material.
Which processes from the past have been preserved? What methods of adorning are used for products from Lower Silesian factories that still work in the spirit of traditional decorative methods?
Circle, line, dot – graphic stories adorning our tables is an exhibition about dishes dressed in tradition, crafts and stories from the past.
Curator: Magda Gazur

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