"Give Poland a Hug"

How to talk with children about Poland? To what extent does national identity still matter in the time of globalization? What makes our image of the country - language, symbols, landscapes, history, cuisine, and maybe something else? What is worth cherishing and passing on? The exhibition "Give Poland a Hug" will not find an answer to these and other questions... At least, not directly. In a specially created space we will invite you to jointly search for answers - a safe, friendly place for fun, conversation and creativity. You can participate in this project in various ways, depending on your age and willingness: you can play, dress, take a picture with a huge Poland-shaped cuddle, discuss or take part in family workshops. Can we think about our country with a distance and liking and what it means to us to be Poles?

Curators: Mamy Projekt (Pola Amber, Joanna Studzińska, Małgosia Żmijska)
Exhibition design: Joanna Góra-Raurowicz, Magdalena Michalczyk, Katarzyna Similak