Leroy Merlin Partner of the ŁDF2019

Leroy Merlin supports its customers at every stage of building, refurbishment or home decorating works; from inspiration, through advice and design all the way to specialist services. Building, finishing, painting and decorating products as well as those for the home and garden, all under one roof. The central principle, one which we are all guided by at Leroy Merlin is to contribute to an improvement in living conditions and home comforts. Accordingly, everyone will find products and services at Leroy Merlin stores to match their needs, expectations and budgets.
An entire range of services are also available at Leroy Merlin: from bathroom and kitchen design, all the way to sewing and hemming curtains, trimming timber and drilling holes. Customer convenience is also high on the list of Leroy Merlin's priorities. Therefore online purchases can be collected from a store or delivered to your home. If you change your mind, we do not set a time limit for returning purchased products.
Leroy Merlin stocks approximately 100,000 products in 5 categories:
Building supplies: building and finishing materials
Technical equipment: tools, air conditioning, heating, electrical
Design: everything needed to finish interiors from tiles to complete kitchens
Home decorations: lamps, fabrics, carpets, lighting, accessories
Garden: plants, furniture and garden accessories, tools, etc.

Today there are 62 Leroy Merlin stores operating in 37 Polish cities. The company works with 600 Polish producers. These include both well-known, leading Polish brands as well as small family enterprises supplying unique, quality products. More than 60 million customers visit Leroy Merlin stores in Poland every year. Hence, it is safe to say that there is at least one product purchased at Leroy Merlin in every Polish home.

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