make me! 2016 results

make me! 2016 results

The make me! exhibition will be a presentation of the best make me! 2016 projects chosen by the jury. The exhibition will be presented at the Lodz Design Festival on 13-23//10//2016 at Tymienieckiego Str 3 in Lodz. This year’s edition is abound in international projects, as evidenced by the applications from Spain, The Netherlands, Colombia, Ukraine, China, the USA, South Korea, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, Norway, Romania, Germany, Ireland, France, Greece, Moldova, Sweden, Slovakia, Russia and the Czech Republic. Out of 218 applications, have been selected by jury 24 projects. The winner of the main prize: PLN 20,000 PARADYŻ AWARD sponsored by the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż, will be announced during the opening ceremony. 



List of make me! 2016 finalists:

1. Barakos Aristotelis, project: Two Way Watering Pot, Greece
2. Batog Anna, project: Nous, Denmark
3. Bołzan Patrycja, project: Native, Poland
4. Daza Carrera Laura, project: Colour Provenance, Columbia
5. Freundlich Anna, project: Drawing Blocks, Poland
6. Guzik Wojciech, project: Sopot, Poland
7. Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz Konrad, project: Pico, Poland
8. Iżykowicz Kamila, project: RITU, Poland
9. Kasperkiewicz Joanna, project: Dishes made to measure , Poland
10. Kruźlak Sylwia, project: SPLOT, Poland
11. Kryszewski Błażej, project: No Air Table, Poland 
12. Lehmann Mathilde and Sée Valentine, project: SEEM SOAP, France
13. Morawska-Omalecka Marta, project: Dashes, Poland
14. Penadés Jorge, project: Structural Skin, Spain
15. Pfeifer Jan, project: City Instrument, Poland 
16. Pieczyńska Joanna, project: From Nature, Poland 
17. Ponzio Tiziana, project: OL factory Set, Italy
18. Przybyłowska Daria, project: Architect's Bag, Poland
19. Ryu Hyojung, project: Overlapping Alphabet Cards, South Korea 
20. Sieradzka Alicja, project: Bono, Poland
21. Sobura Maja, project: UNIQ, Poland
22. Szmura Patrycja, Sojka Katarzyna, Makuch Sara, project: MESS & DUST - collection of ceramics, Poland
23. Szostak Małgorzata, project: Just in bimber, Poland
24. Tóth Balázs, project: MIO, Hungary 

Photos of selected projects are available in the "exhibition" tab on our new make me! website. To see the photo, click on the name of the finalist or visit the website:

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