Programme of ŁDF2018

REFLECTIONS on technology, crafts and architecture – 12. Łódź Design Festival is coming in May
This May, the word DESIGN will be on everyone's lips. And this is due to the Łódź Design Festival - the best opinion-forming event dedicated to design in Central and Eastern Europe. The special guest of the Festival will be the Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon, whose lecture "Form Follows Function, and Then What?" will take place on May 22. The motto of this year's, 12th edition is REFLEKSJE (REFLECTIONS). It will concern three main thematic areas: human-technology relations, the value of crafts the work of human hand, as well as challenges and development trends of contemporary architecture. We will also see exhibitions of finalists of the competitions: must have - for the best designed products on the Polish market; and make me! - an international contest for the most promising designer of the young generation, in which the winner will receive the main prize - Paradyż Award of PLN 50,000 PLN, funded by the patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż. The festival's program includes exhibitions, discussions, workshops, premieres, Archiblok hosted by Filip Springer, the Trendy series by Michał Mazur with questions about the most important challenges of contemporary design, as well as Edukreacja - educational and development project for children. The festival will also be more present in Łódź's public space - we will see, among other things, "Park Connector” - the installation by Pawel Grobelny and "Paper Jungle" by Ola Mirecka. In addition, you will be able to take part in a city game, Formy craft fairs, Rzeka Rzeczy (River of Things) bazaar and film screenings. The 12th edition of Łódź Design Festival will take place from May 19 to 27.

Reflections on technology, crafts and architecture
This year, the 12th edition of Lodz Design Festival brings big changes. In addition to the new May date, it is also a return to the most important festival values. The program of the event inspires to ask questions and discover the challenges of contemporary design. We will learn about design as a process, strategy, design in terms of solving problems and satisfying the needs of contemporary societies.

REFLECTIONS, as a leitmotif, provoke a critical look at contemporary design. The first area is the relationship between man and technology. Does technology always help us, or perhaps more often exclude? Digitalization improves many areas of our lives, but also but also raises the fear of being put on a sidetrack, falling out of circulation, losing control and uniqueness. How does the technology affect our identity? This is the theme of the Festival, which will be widely discussed, among others as part of the main exhibition "Nothing but flowers", prepared by Łódź Design Festival. The curator, Agata Połeć, comments on the exhibition: „Is it risky to introduce automation to every area of human life? We are getting closer and closer to the times when man and robot will live next to each other, and almost every electronic device will be endowed with artificial intelligence. This vision - although exciting - makes us realize that there is a second, darker side of the technology that we are afraid of, and which leads to still unrecognized, mysterious, maybe dangerous areas. Curiosity and attraction for new technologies go hand in hand with the fear that in the end we will get lost in them, or even that we will be replaced by them”.

Questions about the development of science and automation will also appear as part of the Trendy block run by Michał Mazur, who will ask his guests about design in the context of climate protection or anti-innovation. He will talk about scientific discoveries with Karolina Wesołowska (Ceramika Paradyż) and a special guest of the patron Janusz Kapusta, the discoverer of the eleven-sided geometric solid - k-drone. You will also be able to experience the technology by entering the "Glass Room Experience". The exhibition was already presented in Berlin, London and New York, and on May 19-27 it will be present at the Łódź Design Festival. From the outside it looks like a shop window with the latest digital devices, but after entering it turns out that nothing is for sale. The exhibition shows consumer behaviors when using technology and draws attention to how much information we disclose about ourselves. This issue will also be addressed by experts focused around the interdisciplinary Metaphor team: Anna Wróblewska, Michał Głowacki and Filip Cieślak during their lecture and workshops. They will show how our behaviors and choices in social media are governed by algorithms, but also talk about the possibilities of using these algorithms, chat bots and artificial intelligence even in small companies. "The algorithms design emotions, and technologies govern our needs. How to design solutions with people and for people in a saturated world of products and services, using modern technologies ", Saturday, 26 May, at 16.00.

The next area of reflection will be a man as a creator - craftsman. Festival participants will look at the celebration of manual and craft work, as well as the values that they carry - apart from purely utilitarian benefits. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the possessed objects, being the fruit of creative work, will be recalled. It is a reflection on the place of a man and his work, created out of thought and manual work in the modern "accelerating everyday life".
Confirmation of this approach to design is the work of the special guest of this year's edition of the Festival - Jaime Hayon. The Spanish designer, considered by Time magazine as one of the most important creators of modern times, is the author of projects often created in a traditional, craft way. However, he gives them new, unobvious and fun forms, plays with their meaning, subjecting them to creative reflection. In his lecture "Form Follows Function, and Then What?" he will present a new perspective in the discussion on the role and social functions of design. Narrative and emotions are perceived by the designer not as fringes of the design process, but as its center (Tuesday, 22 May, at 15.00 - attention: registration required).

The ceramic exhibition "Circle Dot Line", curated by Magdalena Gazur, also shows the unique value of the handwork. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with Manufaktura in Bolesławiec, Porcelana Kristoff and Julia glassworks. Looking at it, it is worth to note the words of the curator: "A human shortcoming, sometimes even a mistake, is treated here as an advantage over the perfection of the machine, as a kind of creator's signature."

The third important thematic block, discussed during the 12th edition of the Festival, will concern the challenges of contemporary architecture and urban planning, especially in the context of revitalization and design of public space. It is addressed to professionals, but also to all enthusiasts of changes in the surrounding landscape. Experts will discuss about the architecture during both festival weekends. On Sunday, May 20, during the City Experience block run by Waldemar Olbryk, a board member of Echo Investment, we will learn how to create public spaces combining different functions, integrating people and creating the best living space. How to establish a culture between buildings and ... is it worth it? What technological changes will help us live in the cities of the future? As part of this block, we will hear, among others the lecture by Zuzanna Skalska "Post Creative City". On the same day there will also be a debate with the intriguing title taken from Leopold Tyrmand's book "A Social and Emotional life. Space - people - city”, during which subjects related to architecture, art and everyday life will be discussed. Małgorzata Tomczak, editor-in-chief of Architektura & Biznes, initiator and moderator of the meeting, writes: "We will discuss architecture, which is the place of all kinds of social interactions. Hotels, designer and trendy bars, restaurants and cafes, cinemas, theaters, meeting places, public spaces, playgrounds, streets - all those spaces where people meet, discuss, get to know each other, eat and drink, sleep and play, differ from each other – this is the background to their social and emotional lives. The analysis will focus on the merge of everyday life and architecture in the context of social life” (Sunday, May 20, at 2.30 pm).

Lectures and presentations of the best architectural studios as well as critical discussions with experts will also take place within Archiblok run by Filip Springer, who invited: Maciej Frąckowiak (sociologist, city researcher), Jakub Szczęsny (Pracowania Szcz), Przemo Łukasik (medusagroup), Paweł Garus and Jerzy Woźniak (mode:lina) and Rafał Grzelewski (Grupa 5 Architekci); (Sunday, May 27, at 11.00). We will find out about trends in interior design from a panel organized by the Association of Interior Architects. On the same day, there will be a discussion on the design of public space as part of the lecture „Love or Not! Why do we (not) fall in love with urban spaces?" with Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz (Concordia Design) and architects Jola Starzak and Dawid Strebicki (Atelier Starzak Strebicki) (at 15.30).

All the best in design: must have and make me!
must have is the most important Polish plebiscite promoting Polish design. The quality mark, which awards the implementations of Polish designers and producers, is often called the Polish Red Dot. This year, the Expert Council composed of Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc, Ewa Mierzejewska, Ewa Solarz, Anna Grużewska, Dominika Olszyna, Michał Mazur and Michał Piernikowski evaluated 400 projects in terms of functionality, innovation, ergonomics and aesthetics. The distinction was awarded to 70 of them. Among this year's applications, objects showing the unique value of modern craftsmanship with the use of precious materials have been particularly noticed. In all (eight) previous editions, a total of nearly 600 projects were awarded. The ceremonial awarding of must have prizes will take place on May 26 at 18.00, and the projects will be exhibitedn from 19 to 27 May at the Łódź Design Festival Festival Center in Art_Inkubator at 3 Tymienieckiego Str. More information and the list of finalists: www.musthave.lodzdesign.com.

The second competition organized by Łódź Design Festival is make me! - international contest for young designers and students of design departments (aged 20-35). The awards go to innovative projects, experimenting with the material, seeking new interpretations of the existing functions. Thanks to the public presentation of projects at the exhibition, contacts with experts and business and the promotion of finalists, the competition can be a springboard for further professional development. This year, 217 designers from around the world have sent their applications. In addition to Polish artists, there were works by students and young designers from such countries as: Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, the United States, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Australia, Taiwan, Italy and Canada. The jury consisting of Michał Piernikowski, Czesława Frejlich, Paweł Grobelny, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Daniel Zieliński, Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski chose 29 final projects. The winner will receive the main prize, Paradyż Award, in the amount of PLN 50,000. In addition, the jury will select winners of special prizes: Łódź Design Festival award (PLN 10,000) and Interprint award (PLN 5,000). The winners will be announced on May 19 during the opening gala of the 12th Łódź Design Festival. More information and a list of finalists: www.makeme.lodzdesign.com.

Exhibitions, workshops, city
The spatial installation in the patio of the Art_Inkubator building, will refer directly to the theme of the Festival. Composed of colorful, sparkling geometric forms, it will be a scaled interpretation of the mobiles popular in the 1960s. The installation is prepared by designers from the oshi design studio - Ola and Kajetan Hunger. Edukreacja - educational and development program for children, is a traditional part of the Festival. The highlight of this year's edition will be the exhibition "Give Poland a Hug" prepared by Mamy Projekt (Pola Amber, Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska). The authors will face the following questions: How to talk with children about Poland? To what extent does national identity still matter in the time of globalization? What makes our image of the country - language, symbols, landscapes, history, cuisine, and maybe something else? What is worth cherishing and passing on? The exhibition "Give Poland a Hug" is a space for the common search for answers - a safe, friendly place for fun, conversation and creativity. You can participate in this project in various ways, depending on your age and willingness: you can play, dress, take a picture with a huge Poland-shaped cuddle, discuss or take part in family workshops. Can we think about our country with a distance and liking and what it means to us to be Poles? Edukreacja is also a proposal of a dozen other design workshops, a place for joint creative play and learning for families with children and a good starting point for the adventure with design.

As part of the Festival, we will also see the project "Plantation" by Alicja Patanowska. Plantation grew out of considerations about the flood of waste and home gardening. The project is based on the hydroponic cultivation of plants. Porcelain elements placed in recycled glasses allow you to observe the growth of the root and parts of the green plant. The architecture of Plantacja, which refers to the greenhouse idea, was created by Szymon Hanczar together with Magdalena Kasprzyca and Przemysław Słowik with the support of the Nowe Horyzonty Association. One of the most important elements of the installation is light and water, focusing the recipient's attention on what is the most important - plants. During the Festival, Plantation will be enriched with a plant collection point where rooted plants will be distributed.

The attention of the visitors will probably be attracted by the unusual "11" installation by Ceramika Paradyż - the patron of the Festival. It has the form of a solid with a sculptural form broken into two parts of a black cube. After entering the interior of this rock, visitors will be exposed to dynamic, mirror-like surfaces reminiscent of crystal or diamond. Multiple refractions and angles of mirrored walls will make our reflection fall apart in an undefined space, creating a variable mosaic like in a kaleidoscope. The inspiration for the installation was an eleven-sided geometric solid "k-drone", discovered by Janusz Kapusta, and the film " Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick. The installation consists of four k-drones. Combined, they will create the perfect cube. It is intended to encourage visitors to ask questions about the place of man on Earth. It brings associations with the space, infinity, refers to mineral resources and shows how the reference point changes the reception of the environment and ourselves.

The exhibition presenting the best designs submitted to the ninth edition of the Mazda Design 2018 contest, which this year is held under the slogan of reVISION, will tell the story of the connection of tradition and innovation. This is a reference to the revision of the way of thinking about contemporary design - the search for new meanings, drawing from the re-read tradition, combining historical and innovative methods of creation. The works could be submitted in three categories: Man, Space and Sign. The final of the competition will also be accompanied by a lecture: "Beauty by subtraction" by Luca Zollino - Lead Designer at Mazda's European design center. The award gala in the Mazda Design 2018 competition and the announcement of the winner of the Mazda Design Award will take place on May 26 at approx. 19.00.

In turn, the exhibition organized by Interprint tells about new trends in design that help to live in balance with our natural environment, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The most important presented trends are: upcycling - second life of products, non_conform - praise of imperfection, smart material – showing how to use intelligent materials and new technologies, and finally co-everything - a reminder that together we can always create more and better things than if we acted alone. At the interactive exhibition, Interprint will present the latest collection of Six Pack 2018 decors.

Once again, the Łódź Design Festival organizes the MeetBlogIn - meeting aimed at bloggers or people who create content on the Internet. The participants will have a chance to attend workshops and lectures on subjects related to design and interior design. It is also an opportunity to establish contacts with representatives of interior design brands.
This year's edition will feature a new project - BiznesUp! design made in Poland (24-25 May) aimed at the international promotion of the best Polish design. It is adressed to designers and architects as well as distributors of products and services from the design industry. It will create a platform enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience for representatives of the creative industry who are looking for effective ways to expand on markets in Poland and abroad, especially in Germany, Britain and Scandinavia. The two-day formula of the event will allow the discussion on the condition of the design industry. The program includes lectures and workshops with the participation of international experts and the Polish Up! exhibition, presenting the 40 best brands whose products will promote Polish design in the international arena. The curators of the exhibition are Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka and Paweł Grobelny.

This year, Łódź Design Festival will be present in the city space. It is a direction which, according to the organizers, will be developed in subsequent editions in cooperation with the Łódź Center of Events. Art_Inkubator will remain the heart of the event, however, artistic installations of recognized artists are planned in the public space. Paweł Grobelny has prepared the artistic installation "Park Connector" for the two oldest parks in Łódź - Źródliska 1 and Źródliska 2. The project aims to draw attention to the "buffer space" between the two parks and to indicate the possibility of combining them into one urban organism. The installation functions as a bench - a platform on which you can sit, lie down or organize a picnic with your friends.
The Łódź galleries and design studios were invited to cooperate at this year's edition of the Festival, just to mention The Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, City Art Galleries and the Book Art Museum. This year, the official hotel of the Festival will be Grand Hotel - a historic facility that has been operating continuously for 129 years. This place's history was co-created by its guests, among others: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Helena Modrzejewska, Jan Kiepura, Stefan Jaracz, Zofia Nałkowska, Jan Brzechwa and Krzysztof Penderecki. In the near future the hotel will undergo revitalization to restore its former splendor.

Łódź Design Festival animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3uokaIqeEg

Details of this year's Łódź Design Festival program: http://www.lodzdesign.com.

About the Festival
According to studies (research: "Diagnosis of design status" carried out on behalf of PARP in 2015 and "Designed in Poland, Analysis of the economic potential of the Polish design market" implemented by the Office of Social Research Question Mark in 2017), Łódź Design Festival is the most prestigious and most visited event related to design in Poland. Currently, it is also the most important event on design in Central and Eastern Europe.
Łódź Design Festival was created in 2007 as a review of the achievements of Polish design. From the beginning, it presents design in various aspects - from industrial design, through graphic design, architecture, craft, to the creation of services and interactions. Today, it focuses on asking questions, interpreting phenomena and critical discussion. It presents innovations and projects that have a significant impact on our environment.
Łódź Design Festival is an event where designers, architects, representatives of creative professions can look for inspiration, as well as anyone interested in culture and design. The program's strongest points are always thematic exhibitions, meetings with experts in the field of design and architecture, discussions and lectures, as well as workshops for adults and children. Over 400,000 people from around the world have participated in it so far. The festival is carried out thanks to many years of support from the City of Łódź and the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż. Admission to the Festival is free for children under 12 and seniors . (www.lodzdesign.com).

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