Reflections, the motto of the 12th edition of LDF

Reflections, the motto of the 12th edition of LDF

Design has come to the fore as one of the most important topics in the modern world. We surround ourselves with more and more beautiful objects, and we consciously choose products that fulfil us the fulfillment of our dreams and satisfy our ambitions.

At the same time, as Szymborska wrote "We live longer. But less precisely and in shorter sentences. We travel faster, farther, more often, but bring back slides instead of memories". Reality changes quickly and frequently. We are not always keeping up with what is new but changing quickly into even newer. Often, we can not predict the consequences of these changes.

On a daily basis, we are assisted by technology that is useful but incomprehensible. We are expected to be efficient, productive, creative, healthy and in good mood, and preferably all of this at the same time. Progress improves many areas of our lives, but also raises the fear of being put on a sidetrack, falling out of circulation, losing control and uniqueness. A possible way to save a man in the world of technology is precisely what makes him sensitive, creative, committed, empathetic - heart, passion and meaningfulness.

During the 12th edition of Lodz Design Festival, we will try to see a man as a creator, looking closer at the joy of craft, the celebration of creation, and a sense of the uniqueness of possessing objects that are the fruits of creative work. We will look at objects of applied arts created by Polish designers in a way that one looks at art and how one looks at everyday objects. We will reflect on the place of a man and the work of his thoughts and hands in the modern world. These REFLECTIONS will guide designers, curators and brands with whom we are preparing the 12th Łódź Design Festival.