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Spółdzielnia PR will handle communication of Łódź Design Festival 2018.
The communication concept of the 12th edition of the Łódź Design Festival proposed by Spółdzielnia PR won in the offer contest conducted by Łódź Art Center - the organizer of the event. The project-based cooperation began in mid-January and will last until the end of May 2018.

Łódź Design Festival is the most prestigious and most visited event related to design in Poland (this is confirmed, among others, by the "Diagnosis of the design" study commissioned by PARP in 2015 and the report "Designed in Poland: Analysis of the economic potential of the Polish design market" by Question Mark Social Research Office in 2017). It is adressed to designers, architects, students, as well as residents of Łódź and other people interested in design. Its aim is to promote the idea of design, educate recipients and integrate the society. The strongest accents of the program of the Festival are thematic exhibitions, meetings with international experts in the field of design and architecture, discussions, lectures, and workshops. Each edition has its own specificity. The Festival evolves. This year's 12th edition is assigned with the idiom Reflections.

As part of cooperation with the Festival, Spółdzielnia PR is responsible for creating a strategy and plan of communication, implementing activities such as influencer relations as well as media relations - including running a press office, organizing press meetings and coordinating activities during the event.

- This year Łódź Design Festival is reviving in a new date, in the spring – between May 19th and 27th. With the new date, also the formula of the event changes. In contrast to other industry events, which focus on selected areas of design and are directed to a dedicated group of specialists, the goal of Łódź Design is to provide knowledge about the trends in the development of modern design. The festival follows trends, makes forecasts for the future, asks questions and its exhibitions and accompanying events are addressed to everyone - industry professionals as well as active users, curious about the world and enthusiastic about design. The festival proves that design is a response to the problems and needs of modern societies.

REFLECTIONS are the theme of this year's 12th Łódź Design Festival. Design has come to the fore as one of the most important topics in the modern world. We surround ourselves with more and more beautiful objects, and we consciously choose products that offer us the fulfillment of our dreams and satisfy our ambitions. At the same time, as Szymborska wrote "We live longer. But less precisely and in shorter sentences. We travel faster, farther, more often, But bring back slides instead of memories". Reality changes quickly and frequently. We are not always keeping up with what is new and changing quickly into even newer. Often, we can not predict the consequences of changes.

On a daily basis, we are assisted by technology that is useful but incomprehensible. We are expected to be efficient, productive, creative, healthy and in good mood, and preferably all of this at the same time. Progress improves many areas of our lives, but also raises the fear of being put on a sidetrack, falling out of circulation, losing control and uniqueness. The possible way to save a man in the world of technology is precisely what makes him sensitive, creative, committed, empathetic - heart, passion and meaningfulness.

During the 12th edition of Lodz Design Festival, we will try to see a man as a creator, look closer at the joy of craft, the celebration of creation, and the sense of the uniqueness of possessing objects that are the fruit of creative work. We will look at objects of applied arts created by Polish designers in a way that one looks at art and how one looks at everyday objects. We will reflect on the place of a man and the work of his thoughts and hands in the modern world. These REFLECTIONS will guide designers, curators and brands with whom we are preparing the 12th Łódź Design Festival. The PR communication of this year's edition will be prepared by Spółdzielnia PR and the graphic design will be developed by the design studio Grafixpol from Łódź – says Michał Piernikowski, director of Łódź Design Festival.

The team of Spółdzielnia PR run by Monika Tokarska and Aneta Grzegorzewska-Półtorak will be responsible for the implementation of the PR activities. The agency specializes in communication projects in the field of design and architecture, as well as social and educational campaigns. The project portfolio includes strategy and implementation of communication for Bałtyk - the first architectural implementation of the Dutch MVRDV studio in Poland, cooperation with the brands NOTI, VOX, Balma, Hilding, IKEA BSC, Polish Porcelain Factories Ćmielów and Chodzież S.A. or the first private design center in Poland - Concordia Design. For the last 3 years Spółdzielnia PR has also co-created a social and educational campaign for the JOHNSON'S Baby brand.

More information:
Monika Tokarska
Co-creator, PR consultant
tel. 605 59 81 61
e-mail: monika.tokarska@spoldzielniapr.com

Aneta Grzegorzewska-Półtorak
Co-creator, PR consultant
tel. 607 720 351
e-mail: aneta.grzegorzewska-poltorak@spoldzielniapr.com

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