We know the winner of make me! 2016!

We know the winner of make me! 2016!

Jan Pfeifer – winner of the make me! 2016

“The observation of everyday life. Mindless gestures that are made, used creatively can give meaning to the place and space. As a result, catch passer’s attention , encourage to interact, make a small pleasure. Minor intervention, which value is to add features to something that exists because it must exist. A gesture that changes non-place into the place” – this is why the jury awarded this project.

The prize from Interprint, handed by National Sale and Marketing Manager, Sylwia Lasota, went to Marta Morawska-Omalecka for the Dashes project. The prize is a trip to the Furniture Days workshop and to the headquarters of Interprint (Arnsberg, Germany). Interprint’s Furniture Days is an exciting dialogue between the representatives of renowned interior decoration sector. During this meeting a creative design team will present the most fashionable design trends for the coming seasons. The aim of organizers is to present to partners of the furniture industry, the process of creating the trends, including their interpretation and transformation into ready-to-lunch products.

Alicja Sieradzka was awarded by Grupa Nowy Styl for the project Bono – home composter. The award was given by the representative of the company, Małgorzata Stasinowska.

The Aquaform Lighting Solutions company honored with a special prize the project: MIO – terracotta water carafe by Toth Balazs. The prize is the iPhone 6S.

The make me! exhibition is located on the first floor of building B in Art_Inkubator.

Description of the winning project: makeme.lodzdesign.com/en/exhibition/pfeifer-jan
Description of other projects: makeme.lodzdesign.com/en/exhibition

In the photo: Jan Pfeifer, City instrument

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