Women by strength, women by beauty, women by design!

Women by strength, women by beauty, women by design!

Dates & opening hours: 16th - 19th September 2021, 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Adress: Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz
Location: glass hall and C0

Women power, women beauty, women design!
A rug is an element that gives cosiness to an arrangement, and can take on a greater significance. Our designers and artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw know how powerful it is. They have transferred on sheep fleece everything that was in their souls, and the effect of fruitful cooperation with Agnella exceeded their wildest expectations.

Woman's soul enchanted in a rug
The rugs being a part of the 'Women in Design' exhibition are a real explosion of multidirectional artistry, which shows how great is the power of the feminine element that holds infinite layers of unconventional visions and fantastic concepts. The authors of the collection have given a part of their soul to each of the projects, showing what is inside them and giving vent to their emotions.
Each of these projects is a quintessence of various inspirations and fascinations, which in itself is an artistic field to show off. When combined with unquestionable talent, only spectacular results can be expected.

Beauty designed to the measure of artistic genius
Art knows no boundaries - it cannot be confined within defined frames, the only ‘brake’ is imagination. The women whose extraordinary outlook on the world, design and rugs we can admire, certainly do not lack imagination.

The unique aspect of this exhibition is a combination of skills of the strong personalities who power Agnella's Design Department with the abilities of the graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Thanks to this configuration, we can admire the diversity of the presented collections, whose design is the responsibility of different characters and aesthetic senses of women with artistic flair.

Projects presented at the exhibition:

  • Dorota Banaszek  Kolekcja: Pole
  • Marzena Bobrzecka  Kolekcja: CrystalLINE
  • Elżbieta Grochowiak  Kolekcja: Trzy Gracje
  • Agnieszka Miller – Kolekcja: Oblicza
  • Beata Palikot  Kolekcja: Novum
  • Dominika Romaniuk  Kolekcja: Pauza
  • Małgorzata Rusińska  Kolekcja: Materia
  • Agnieszka Wojtal  Kolekcja: Zentagle
  • Kaja Kowalska  Dywan: Kaja
  • Matylda Polak  Dywan: Matylda
  • Paulina Sebunia  Dywan: Paulina

Curttor: Katarzyna Bukowiecka