about ŁDF 2022

about ŁDF 2022

Łódź Design Festival 2022 RE:GENERATION – We create bold visions of the future!

This year's edition of Łódź Design Festival 2022, under the motto RE:GENERATION, is an incentive to look for answers to the challenges we face at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. At the festival we will present activities that foster both individual and systemic regeneration. We will look for ways to regenerate not only the natural environment, but also the urban fabric, social institutions, and most importantly  each and everyone of us. This is what its director, Michał Piernikowski, says about the concept of the 11-day festival.

The organisers have prepared a varied programme, including the make me! international design competition for young designers and the must have plebiscite for the best Polish products. From May 12th to 22nd, visitors will also be able to see exhibitions in the Art_Incubator space and its accompanying venues, participate in debates and panel discussions, and enjoy activities for the younger audience.

The idea behind all the events is to encourage a deeper reflection on the condition of the current world and the challenges it poses to us. The final conclusion is that the title RE:GENERATION must be treated as a permanent process that will stay with us forever.

This year's festival opening promises to be extremely interesting, since it will be accompanied by the presence of selected curators, who will guide the festival audience through their exhibitions. The opening will take place on Thursday, 12th May, at 6:30 p.m., at the Festival Centre - Art_Incubator in Art Factory at ul. Tymienieckiego 3. Moreover, the schedule for this day includes the opening of the exhibition "Dictionary of Ukrainianisms" (Re:Medium Gallery) and the workshop "Re-creation: generating an accessory collection concept" organised by the festival sponsor - the LPP clothing brand.

The second day will provide the visitors with exceptional emotions. It will all be possible thanks to the award ceremony of the make me! competition 2022. This year 147 applications were received, including the ones from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Canada, Hungary, Lithuania, China and Austria, out of which 26 finalists were selected. They will compete for the total prize pool, which, thanks to the Festival's patron Ceramica Paradyż, sponsors INTERPRINT Polska and LPP, and partner Cosentino, amounts to as much as PLN 60.000! The list of finalists whose works will be displayed, published on April 12th, can be found at lodzdesign.com.

- The 16th edition of the Festival under the motto RE:GENERATION makes us pause and think about the challenges of the contemporary world. During this time, the Festival has changed, so has Ceramika Paradyż, but our belief in the value and legitimacy of supporting young artists and co-creating this very important event for the Polish design has remained unchanged - this year we again assume the honourable role of Patron of the Festival - said Tomasz Popielawski, Press Officer of Ceramika Paradyż.

Just before the gala, the topic of designing according to the principles of sustainable development will be subject to expert analysis. Special guests will talk about responsible architecture, its goals and importance: Robert Konieczny from KWK Promes, Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, representing the WXCA studio, Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys from APA Wojciechowski, Marcin Szczelina, an architecture critic and Aneta Konowrocka, the Marketing Manager of Cosentino.

The exhibition of one of the most important artists of the second half of the 20th century, Roman Modzelewski, will certainly provide visitors with aesthetic impressions on that day. On the 110th anniversary of his birthday and the 25th anniversary of his death, the organisers of Łódź Design Festival, the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Museum of the City of Łódź, inaugurated the Year of Roman Modzelewski 2022, and as part of this Year they prepared the exhibition "RM. Roman Modzelewski. Dream about Łódź”. This title that sounds ambiguously in Polish (łódź- boat and Łódź- the name of the city) refers both to the city Łódź (where Roman Modzelewski lived and worked since 1945) and to the innovative designs he created for yachts and furniture. The exhibition will present the artist’s biography and nearly 100 unique objects: sculptures, paintings, reliefs, documents, photographs, examples of applied art, and compositions in the public space of the city and the region. It will be significantly complemented by boat and furniture designs, including the original RM56, RM57 and the iconic RM58 armchairs. This is the announcement of one of the most visually attractive exhibitions at Łódź Design Festival in recent years. 

The following festival day promises to be equally attractive. At 5 p.m., in the Art_Incubator space at the Factory of Art, a must have 2022 award gala will be held. The industry's most acclaimed plebiscite, which recognises the best Polish products from Polish designers and manufacturers, recorded an unprecedented number of applications and granted distinctions this year.

"This plebiscite means a unique obligation and responsibility for us. And the accompanying exhibition is a kind of consumer recommendation. In selecting the final projects, we are trying to move away from ideas related to product perfection, seen only through the prism of proper design. Rather, together with a council of experts, we identify items that are objects of desire for contemporary consumers and respond to their various needs.” - says Michał Piernikowski.

The exhibition presenting the winners of this year's 12th edition of the plebiscite will be open to visitors in the rotunda of Manufaktura also after the 16th edition of Łódź Design Festival, i.e. from May 12th to 28th, 2022. The full list of exhibitors can be found lodzdesign.com.

The programme of this day will also include interesting meetings with experts. The guests invited to the discussion panel initiated by the Patron of the Festival - Ceramika Paradyż will include Maja Ganszyniec (Ganszyniec Studio) and Marcin Szczelina (Architecture Snob) will discuss an extremely current topic: Designing in the spirit of circular economy. The meeting will be led by Maciej Rychliński - the Brand Manager of Ceramika Paradyż.

The curator's tour of the exhibition "Roadside Picnic", which presents the works of six finalists of the Mazda Design Experience 2020/2021 competition, taking place at 3 p.m., will be a unique opportunity to meet the authors of the winning designs. The title of the exhibition, referring to the famous novel by the Strugatsky brothers, was taken literally in this case, as the theme of the competition was reCREATION, understood as the renewal of our physical and mental condition. On the other hand, it can be understood as the design of the era ending a certain period (and beginning another one), the process of creative re-design that builds anew the harmonious relationship between man and nature. 

ARCHIBLOK occupies a special place in the programme of Łódź festival. As each year, its participants, experts in architecture and urban planning, will begin with presentations devoted to the most interesting aspects of their professional work, to be followed by a traditionally stimulating discussion. An important theme of this year's debate will be urban and architectural activities. The guests invitd to the meeting, which will take place on May 22nd at 11:00 a.m. include: Małgorzata Kuciewicz (CENTRALA), Przemo Łukasik (medusa group), and Jo Jurga; they will try to focus on the relationship between the city - man - greenery, raise the topics of our well-being in available spaces - both public and private one, and consider how the environment can affect our senses and state of mind An important theme of this year's debate, which will be moderated by Filip Springer, a reporter, photographer and architecture translator, will also be the regeneration of architecture. Together, the participants will try to answer the following question: how to draw from history and how to adapt existing spaces to current needs.

An important addition to this year's Łódź Design Festival is the whole block of exhibitions accompanying the festival.

We will go back to the past. We will get acquainted with the "ABC of Polish Design" and the architecture of holiday resorts from the communist era thanks to the "The Last Batch" exhibition. The former one, presented at the Academic Design Centre, will showcase 100 Polish design projects created over the last century, from 1918 to the present. 100 objects, in addition to furniture, glass and porcelain, i.e. objects commonly associated with design, also include less obvious items: typefaces, logotypes, children's toys, neon signs, a glider, a scooter and even visual designs of the Ptasie Mleczko (Polish brand of chocolate-covered marshmallows) and Ringo rubber ring. The exhibition shows both contemporary designs and those that have achieved the classics status. It presents both rarities and prototypes that have never entered mass production, as well as very popular things and objects of everyday use.

On the other hand, Marcin Wojdak, the author of an Instagram profile about the architecture of post-war modernism, Cosmoderna, will take us on a "Last Batch" journey as holidaymakers. The festival audience will be presented with photographs of holiday resorts from the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, that are often explained by the author in such a way as to - as he says himself - satiate the nostalgia accompanying him from his youth. His Instagram profile serves him primarily to write, and the photos serve him only as a pretext. Abandoned buildings, with their glory years long behind them, which are no longer filled with the bustle of tourists or visitors, tell us a story of times gone by. And each story can be told in many different ways.

The Art_Incubator at the Factory of Art will also host an exhibition devoted to this year's Mies van der Rohe Award. How to create contemporary architecture? What should be done so that it does not lose its relevance over time, but could gain new potential? And how to make it possible that it could give directions to future generations? These are the key questions for the EU Contemporary Architecture Competition, to which the exhibition is devoted. It presents the ideas that guided the designers accompanied by the experts' opinions that nominated them for the award. Visitors will be able to analyse whether the architects' intentions and the design directions contained in their works are perceived according to the original intentions. They will also be able to trace the multidimensionality of the designs and learn about their distinguishing features, and also place them it in a broader context, outlined in the exhibition - of vernacular designs from previous years or all the winners.

An extremely interesting theme is taken up by the "GOOD/NIGHT" exhibition, which talks about the factors conducive to a good night's sleep. It touches upon the issues of rituals, calming down, the need for closeness, proper furnishing of the bedroom or new supporting technologies that improve the quality of our sleep.

The idea of the exhibition is to go through the whole cycle, from coming home (finishing work), through the evening ritual, falling asleep, closeness with oneself or one's partner, up to deep sleep, waking up and beginning a new day. Products are presented that often symbolise an entire market segment, so as to draw attention to the scale of selection. The curator's aim is to raise awareness of the role of sleep and to invite people to take care of its quality in their own homes.

The full programme of Łódź Design Festival and descriptions of all events and exhibitions are available lodzdesign.com.

- Observers of subsequent editions of Łódź Design Festival notice that we are trying to delve into topics which have not yet penetrated into broader consciousness. During the previous festivals, we, for instance, encouraged repairing things, looked for ways to reduce the pollution of the environment by plastics, and analysed the strengths of craftsmanship. Our ambition is for the festival slogans to reinforce positive trends that are a chance to redefine the form of everyday life. Every year we try to make the mottoes refer to the most important phenomena of the time. This year's motto came quite naturally. "RE:GENERATION" is, on the one hand, a call for us to try to regenerate ourselves physically and mentally. Invariably, topics related to climate catastrophe are important. We will try to think how we can regenerate our planet, but also our behaviour, the way we produce objects, shape our surroundings, and live. - says Michał Piernikowski, the director of Łódź Design Festival, inviting us to define what regeneration means.

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Leaflet with the program

The organization of Łódź Design Festival is possible thanks to the support of Łódź Events Centre and the City of Łódź. ŁDF is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for Cultural Promotion.

Ceramika Paradyż has become the patron of the festival for the 16th time already. The sponsors include INTERPRINT Polska and LPP. The festival partners are: Mazda, Cosentino, Manufaktura, Porta, Rado, Art_Incubator at the Art Factory.

Media patronage over the event has been provided by: Architecture Snob, Architektura&Biznes, Architektura-murator, Architekt Wnętrz, BIZNES meble.pl, Bryla.pl, Czas na Wnętrze, DesignDoc, Dezeen, Design Alive, designteka.pl, Dobre Wnętrze, Domosfera.pl, Elle Decoration, Label, MAGAZIF, M jak mieszkanie, Onet, Vogue, WhiteMad, and Urządzamy.pl.


Łódź Design Festival | RE:GENERATION | 12-22.05.2022
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