Poster announcement. Patrycja Longawa – film posters

Dates: 20.05 – 17.07.2022 r. Admission hours and rules are available on the website of the Galeria Bałucka.
Adress: Galeria Bałucka, Stary Rynek 2, Łódź
Opening of the Exhibition: 20th May, 6 p.m.

"(...) A poster is the combined effect of asking yourself questions and looking for answers. Answering the question "What should a given poster be about?" seems easy, but it is not so. Each time I try to understand and pinpoint the essence of the subject. A poster requires a keen eye, not only of the creator but also of the viewer, which makes it a very demanding art. A poster should be designed in such a way that it surprises the viewers and forces them to stop for a moment and "read" the metaphor it contains. It should also use a kind of joke, a symbol or a laconic mental shortcut. Everything from composition to typography or colour should be thought through, as this is crucial in graphic design. "Poster Announcement" essentially consists of as many as two projects. The first focuses on the problem of film posters themselves, while the second one, more specific, pursues the theme of "Woman in a film poster". I selected several dozen works for the exhibition, but the choice was not at all easy. When designing the posters, I tried to think them through very carefully, both in terms of construction, scrupulously working out the composition, colours, choosing the right typography, etc., and in terms of content, i.e. constructing an individual graphic metaphor on which each work is based. It was the development of the idea that posed the most important challenge to me. (...)" – Patrycja Longawa, a text fragment for the exhibition catalogue.