Resources. From Materials to Products

Curator: Agata Nowotny
When: May 17th - 26th
Where: Art_Inkubator Festival Centre at Fabryka Sztuki, 3 Tymienieckiego Street, A22

The “Resources” exhibition shows how raw materials become products. The Curator, Agata Nowotny, looks at the production processes and documents the subsequent steps in the processing of raw materials. Everything that surrounds us has its own history, starts from material and ends with material.
When buying new products - furniture, accessories, home furnishings - we usually ask ourselves: how much does it cost, who designed it and will it fit into my home and lifestyle? More and more often we also ask ourselves how things were made, where they came from, what shaped them and what will happen to them when we stop using them. How will they be processed and how will they contribute to environmental pollution? It is difficult nowadays, in times of excess, to set up design and new product exhibitions responsibly. That is why it is worth asking: how many days does it take to make one cup? How many pairs of hands does it take to make a crystal glass? And what happens to waste from the production of a chair?
“Resources. From Materials to Products” is not another design exhibition, it shows what is usually hidden and invisible at first glance. It presents the origin of products manufactured in Polish factories, the materials they are made of and who manufactures them. The Curator, with great scientific curiosity, examines the beginnings of products we use on a daily basis: cups, chairs and even the toilet bowl. The exhibition presents four basic resources used in Polish industry: wood, glass, ceramics and metal, as well as production processes, which result in very different products made of the same material. It shows how dust transforms into a dish, flat sheet metal into a fork or a lamp, a log of wood into a chair backrest, and a click on the screen into a shelf that fits in your living room. Among the exhibits there are: an iconic chair manufactured by Fameg from bent wood, Tylko bookcase adjusted with an app, traditional Hefry cutlery and modern Chors lamps, classic crystals from Julia Glassware and the icon of Polish glassware by Jan Drost manufactured by Edwanex Glassworks, as well as various types of ceramic products: from historical Karolina porcelain, to craft products from Manufaktura Majolika in Nieborów, to bathroom ceramics from the Koło brand.

“Resources. From Materials to Products”
May 17-26, 2019
Curator: Agata Nowotny
Exhibition design: Grynasz Studio
Photos: Krzysztof Pacholak
Research: Anna Łyszcz
The exhibition was prepared for “ARENA DESIGN”.
Premiered in March 2019 at “ARENA DESIGN” in Poznań.