Romantic Regimes

Organiser: Lodz Design Festival
Curators: Adi Zaffran, Bine Roth
When: 17th – 26th of May 2019
Where: Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator. 3, Tymienieckiego Street, C2

Romantic Regimes is what we call the systems of emotional conduct that affect how we speak about how we feel, determine “normal” behaviours, and establish who is eligible for love - and who is not. Through our body, humankind transmits and interprets feelings, attitudes and moods. Technology has changed the way we interact and there is a contested proposition floating around whether technology has killed the romance and has taken us from physical contact towards a more virtual world. With this project we would like to challenge the idea of today´s courtship, and to emphasise the importance of our bodily communication resources - using the body as a medium for expression.

This gym offers an opportunity to exercise romantic gestures: shaping a heart, handing a flower, giving the right hug, blowing a kiss and strolling hand in hand along the beach. Practice makes perfect.


Product designer and artist, studied Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem with MA at the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London. Since his graduation in 2015, he’s been working on projects on both the commercial side of design (interior design, product design, spacial design) and the more conceptual side (workshops, installations and exhibitions). He’s interested in using design as a tool to reflect on contemporary phenomena, for public engagement and social interaction. He questions whether design can function as a form of “activated journalism” to unpick and present new ways of understanding contemporary issues. Living in Tel Aviv at the moment.

London based designer. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Textiles Mixed Media in 2015, she joined the design collective Peut-Porter. Peut-Porter crafts characters, narratives and experiences with and for the human body. The female design collective uses design and fashion to comment, question and communicate social trends and behaviours. Peut-Porter works on self-initiated research projects as well as collaborations and commissions.