Organizer: The City Art Gallery in Lodz
When: 17th of May – 21st of July, 2019
Where: Willa Gallery. 31, Wólczańska St.
Curator: Adriana Michalska
Artists: Karol Banach, Michał Bednarski, Blanka Biernat, Katarzyna Bogucka, Bartek Bojarczuk, Joanna Czaplewska,)Magda Grabowska-Wacławek(GraBOVSKA), Monika Hanulak, Izabela Kaczmarek–Szurek, Kazia Kalitan-Młodkowska, Jan Kallwejt, Bartek „Arobal” Kociemba, Bartosz Kosowski, Agata Królak, Michał Loba, Patryk Mogilnicki, Alek Morawski, Anna Niemierko, Patrycja Podkościelny, Anna Rudak, Dawid Ryski, Ola Woldańska-Płocińska, Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska

The exhibition is in a way "an attempt to test" the imagination of Polish illustrators. The exhibition will feature 23 large-format illustrations. The motive around which they were created are words functioning only in the language used in the region of Lodz. The participants of the exhibition will be 23 well-known Polish illustrators, appreciated both in the country and abroad.
The exhibition is part of the Łódź Design Festival 2019.

The task each of the artists was given, was to illustrate a slogan or a word used in Lodz, in the form of a poster, using their own individual artistic language. Therefore, presented works are an original interpretation of selected words or expressions. Authors are characterized by stylistic diversity, precision of expression, creativity, concision, deliberate use of composition and colour. Deriving from the best traditions of the Polish school of illustration, presenting its strength and complexity, they bravely interpret the classic, setting new trends in the same time. The results of their creative activities are inimitable, stylistically varied and unique graphic designs, which were created for the sake of the exhibition and will be presented there.
The works bear the key word used by the author along with an explanation. The educational potential of this project is worth mentioning as well. The exhibition will be accompanied by wide program of workshops addressed to both children and adults. The youngest audience will also have a chance to use a creative notebook with tasks that will enable them to learn about the language of Lodz.
This exceptional dictionary of the phrases from Lodz written by using mostly images, was created due to the fact that each of the authors defined a given word by his or her graphic, constructed a narrative with the concept interpretation and above all – they treat the recipient as a partner and a sensitive reader of the visual language.
The exhibition at the City Art Gallery in Lodz is a great opportunity to get familiar with this project. Its another aim is to make viewers aware of the fact that a characteristic and local language functions in each region. It gives viewers the opportunity to find out about words and phrases related to the history and culture of Lodz – a centre of four cultures. This project is also a proof that this language is still alive and up-to-date, which is confirmed by the fact that many words typical for particular region still function in the language on a daily basis.

We kindly invite you to the meeting with artists and curator.
The event will take place on the 18th of May at 12:00 in the Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator, 3, Tymienieckiego Street.