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Katarzyna Dubik
Lodz Design Festival
mob.: +48 798 813 102


Festivals, conferences, fairs – all events dedicated to design branch are organized in almost every major city in Poland. Most of them are narrowing their subject to the chosen field (furniture, architecture, graphics) and are dedicated mostly to specialists. Against this background, there is Lodz Design Festival (LDF) which as a pioneering event since 2007 supports the development of the Polish creative sector, bringing together both industry leaders - producers, designers and distributors, as well as recipients. Lodz Design is overview of global design trends, concept presentations and future-proof visions, it is also a forum for the exchange of experience for designers and companies, discovers and promotes young talents, but also presents trends.

To emphasize the role of the Festival as a platform for the implementation of the above-mentioned goals, the organizers decided to modify the formula of the Festival by changing the way of cooperation with business.

Acroding to the dialogue with visitors from the very beginning, the festival program was enriched with new elements until it reached its current shape, which includes, among others:

  • main program  the heart of the festival, being a collection of curatorial exhibitions created in relation to the annual theme, presents various views on design
  • make me!  a competition that gives novice designers the opportunity to present their works. The post-competition exhibition organized as part of the festival is a specific picture of the search for identity by young artists.
  • must have  a plebiscite and exhibition focusing on selecting and popularizing the best Polish utility implementations
  • educreation  a zone dedicated to families with children. It is a place for creative play and learning, regardless of age, status or knowledge
  • open program  recruitment is addressed to everyone, and above all to institutions, curators, artists and designers who would like to show the effects of their work to the festival audience.

as well as: conferences / lectures / workshops / openings / meetings with authors / artistic installations / presentations of new products / curatorial tours.

The heart of the event is the main festival center - Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki at ul. Tymienieckiego 3 in Łódź, but exhibitions, presentations, art installations and places accompanying the festival are located throughout the city.

We invite you to Lodz for the celebration of design!
The next edition of ŁDF will be held on 12-22.05.2022. in the main topic: re:generation.

Do you want to co-create with us the oldest festival in Poland devoted to broadly understood design? We invite you to contact us and cooperate with us.
The form of participation and the terms of cooperation are always agreed with our Partners individually, so we invite you to an interview, Katarzyna Dubik from the Łódź Design Festival team will answer your questions. Write: or call the direct mobile number: +48 798 813 102.

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