Fashion revolution – the future of textiles

Organizer: Lodz Design Festival
Curator: Embassy of Sweden in Warsaw  
When: 17th – 26th of May, 2019
Where: Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator. 3, Tymienieckiego Street, room C2

Clothes affect all of us on this planet. We are all, to some extent, consumers regardless of the climate we live in and whether we follow the latest fashion, wear hand-me-downs, shop at large chains or buy tailor-made. At the same time, fashion and textile represents one of the most polluting industries. Swedish businesses and research centres are among the main drivers for a more sustainable system.
“Fashion revolution – the future of textiles” is an exhibition that highlights the industry’s major challenges, showcases Swedish solutions and guides you as a consumer to contribute effectively. The material is produced by the Swedish Institute with the help of researchers and other sustainable fashion experts.