ON The Table

ON The Table

Organizer: Łódź Design Festival
Partners of the project: Ambition, Dajar Horeca
Curator: Magdalena Gazur
When: 17th – 26th of May 2019
Where: Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator, 3 Tymienieckiego Street, patio

What is a shared meal today? The art of food? A new trend? How about a ritual? Let's talk about the shared space at mealtimes. Let's talk through the medium of ceramics. Do dishes made of clay reflect moments spent at the table? Let's reminisce about old rituals and family traditions.

- When we sit down to a meal, it is a moment of having a pause, or at least it should be. We often eat on the go, in a hurry, in a car. There is a shortage of shared meals. The world has accelerated, we all have less time to sit down at the table - says Magdalena Gazur, curator of the ON The Table exhibition prepared for the Łódź Design Festival 2019 in cooperation with the Ambition brand and Dajar Horeca.

The aim of the project is to address the issue of sharing space at mealtimes. Through the medium of ceramics, we want to talk about our current rituals while eating. The basis for the exhibition will be an implemented project task - a set consisting of a cup and a plate – developed by eleven Polish ceramists and ceramic studios. The dishes will be made of a ceramic material (porcelain, faience, stoneware or china) in such a way that facilitates their reproduction.

The character of the exhibition will allow it to present profiles of the artists, the way they work, their methodology and finally the circumstances in which they created their sets.

The following artists have accepted an invitation to participate in the project: Antonina Kiliś and Marta Pruszczyńska (Fenek Studio), Arkadiusz Szwed, Natalia Gruszecka (ENDE ceramics), Irina Grishina (August Design Studio), Monika Skorupska (Mosko Ceramics), Magdalena Łysiak (MLY Studio), Bartek Mejor, Barbara Śniegula, Kina Gorska (Kina Ceramics), Magdalena Kucharska (Hadaki) and Bogdan Kosak (Kosak Modelarnia Ceramiczna).

The best interpretation of the theme of table-centred art will be awarded the prize of PLN 10 000, funded by the Ambition brand and Dajar Horeca, project initiators and partners of Łódź Design Festival 2019. An official decision will be made during the festival, on 22.05.2019 at 2.00 PM at the Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, 3 Tymienieckiego Street, Łódź.


Fenek Studio2

Arkadiusz Szwed

Natalia Gruszecka

Irina Grishina

Monika Skorupska

Magdalena Lysiak

Bartek Mejor

Magdalena Kucharska

Bogdan Kosak