BiznesUp! design made in Poland is an international project addressed to designers and producers, as well as distributors of products and services from the design industry. The aim of the project is to promote the best examples of Polish design, domestically and internationally. The Experts Council carefully selected 40 brands include companies focused on industrial design, furniture, fashion and textiles. Each company is interested in cooperation with foreign distributors and looking for business partners.
List of selected brands:

2. Gra-fika
5. Spinners.
6. Aqua Posters by Studio Warto
7. Tartaruga
8. Projekt 68
9. Un’common 
10. Many Mornings.
11. 366 Concept 
13. Hello Pets
14. Studio dziewiarskie "Dziane"
16. Wood&Paper 
17. Goldie&Oldie
18. Two or three things
19. VOLA. Art of deco

21. DOKI
22. AQForm
23. August Design Studio
25. Ćmielów Design Studio
26. Grynasz Studio x Zaczyn 
27. Dede Furniture
28. IMOdesign
29. METR 64
30. LAGA
31. Mleko Living
32. NOTI
33. tre product
34. Trufle Mozaiki
35. Majolika Nieborów
36. VZÓR
37. Lumeline
38. WellDone Dobre Rzeczy
39. Huta Szkła Kryształowego Julia


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The leading products of selected brands was displayed as a part of the PolishUp exhibition, which is a cross-sectional presentation of various industries. The curators of the exhibitions are Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, curator of numerous design exhibitions, a journalist, an animator of events promoting design, member of program councils and juror of design contests at Polish and European festivals, as well as Paweł Grobelny, designer, lecturer and curator of many design exhibitions, an author of artistic installations in public spaces in cities like Brussels, Paris and Shanghai.

PolishUp exhibitions - catalogue


Forum BiznesUp! design made in Poland - this May, Łódź  brought business and design together!
On May 24 - 25, in Łódź - the very centre of Poland, carefully selected representatives of 40 best Polish ready to conquer international markets brands, met with market practitioners, distributors and design authorities to present their products to the world. Additionally, selected brands presented their products as a part of business presentations, during which it was possible to exchange experiences and remarks with brands representatives and talk about future cooperation. We organised also planned a number of substantive meetings and lectures, among others, from the field of marketing, patent law and trends in design. The programme of Forum was led by the experts like eg: Audronė Drungilaitė (BEDA), Pete Kercher (EIDD), Beata Fabisiak, Ake Rudolf (IDZ) and Piet Hein Eek, who talked about conscious design and ecology in the service of design, overcoming schemes, following the imperfection in creating products, and creating a business based on ecological solutions.

The time and the place of the event was not accidental. On the one hand, Łódź is considered to be a centre of creative industry, on the other the city is a hometown of Łódź Design Festival - one of the largest events devoted to design in this part of Europe. There is no doubt that time and location of the BiznesUp! made in Poland which is a part of Łódź Design Festival was match made in heaven.

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The project aims to increase the international economic rank of the Łódź Voivodeship through the organization and promotion of the Łódź Design Festival 2018 and Łódź Design Forum. The project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program.