INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta's Steel Stories

INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta's Steel Stories


Dates & opening hours: 16th - 19th September 2021, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm (last entrance: 7:30 pm)
Adress: Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz
Location: A22, glass hall

The "INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta's Steel Stories” exhibition leads the viewer into the world of Zięta's work, revealing the backstage of the creative force and the essence of the exhibited objects and sculptures. Here, the border becomes as ephemeral as the transitions between the individual scenes the exhibition is built of.

We will see the bionic objects attracting with their lustrous surfaces in an unusual setting highlighting their fairyness and mysteriousness and advanced methods of designing and manufacturing. Oskar Zięta will astonish the visitors with his innovative approach to functional forms such as PLOPP stool or ULTRALEGGERA chair and will take us on a journey through the land of extraordinary metamorphoses. From the natural world, we will go through a "controlled loss of control" process to the FiDU technology ecosystem and then to parametric design methods.

Oskar Zięta creates his sculptures and objects in the FiDU process of forming metal, where the collaboration between the machine and the human is crucial. However, in his steel stories, we will not only encounter the cool elegance of steel. The amazing colours and tonal transitions that characterize RONDO mirrors are the results of experiments with pigments and steel treatment.

In Oskar Zięta’s oeuvre, art, nature and technology are inseparable. Thanks to their coexistence, forms that astonish with their exceptional qualities, such as resilience and lightness, come to life. Their organic shapes and otherworldly colour palette make each of them a singular tale – of the amazing world of physics and pushing its boundaries. In Oskar Zięta’s steel theatre, a lot can still happen…

Exhibition design: Oskar Zięta, Alek Rokosz
Graphic desing: Alek Rokosz, Marta Więcek
Descriptions: Magdalena Zięba-Grodzka,