make me! 2021 - contest for designers

Enrolment for the next edition of the international make me! contest for young designers organised by the Łódź Design Festival has started! The winners will be announced during the upcoming edition of the festival to be launched in May 2021. The prizes awarded were increased and will now amount to EUR 15.500!

Thanks to the 15-year support of Ceramika Paradyż, also this year the best young designers will receive financial awards make me! Paradyż Awards with a total value of EUR ~13.000!

1st make me! Paradyż Award (30.000 PLN) EUR 6.600
2nd make me! Paradyż Award (20.000 PLN) EUR 4.400
3rd make me! Paradyż Award (10.000 PLN) EUR 2.200

A special Interprint Award of EUR 2.200 will be provided by its Sponsor, INTERPRINT Polska.

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