Łódź Design Festival 2021 theme revealed!

After last year’s changes caused by the global situation, the 15th edition of the ŁDF returns to its May date. On this occasion, as many as a dozen interesting exhibitions and… floating gardens will be created in Łódź! The attractions will also include meetings, workshops, and discussion panels that will catch the attention of anyone interested in designing a new and better reality.

The jubilee 15th edition of the Łódź Design Festival will start on May 14 under the slogan BETTER. The festival will last 10 days, and the whole event will be prepared in a hybrid form, just like last year’s edition.

– We are organizing this year’s edition with full awareness of the changes that have taken place in our lives. Changes, catalyzed by the pandemic, and which in many cases only accelerated the current processes – says Michał Piernikowski, the director of ŁDF, adding that the greatest attention will be paid to innovation aiming at wiser and more careful design: – So that we can effectively diagnose problems and propose solutions. This will secure our health as well as improve our psychological comfort and safety. We will suggest different ways of designing to improve not only the situation of individuals but also entire communities.

An important topic of this year’s edition will be activities devoted to urban issues. During the festival, together with invited specialists, we will focus on how to design cities to make life more convenient. Similarly to the previous edition, the lectures and debates will be carried out in an online transmission formula. It will enable a larger group of recipients to participate in the events taking into account the current conditions. A discussion block led by Filip Springer, the popular ARCHIBLOK, will be based on this solution.

We will invite you to participate in a dozen or so exhibitions that will be held in the Festival Center at Tymienieckiego 3 and glass exhibition pavilions located in the most popular areas of the city. All the events will be planned in a safe way adapted to the current situation. Just before the festival starts, a list of this year’s must have plebiscite winners will be announced. This plebiscite has been selecting the best Polish implementations for 10 years. These objects were created thanks to the cooperation of designers and producers. The recruitment for this year’s edition, which ended on March 10, turned out to be record-breaking in terms of the number of applications sent by Internet users. This year special attention will be paid to product concepts that meet the essential needs of modern consumers, that is, products that are ideal for home offices, socially sensitive, created out of concern for resources, as well as products that do not create unnecessary waste but help care for health. Just like last year, dozens of awarded objects, which will soon be selected by our reliable Council of Experts, will be on display at a special exhibition in Manufaktura.

The location of the exhibition accompanying the make me! contest for young designers will also be super attractive. The popular OFF Piotrkowska complex will feature the most interesting projects by artists from all around the world in specially arranged glass pavilions. During the 13 previous editions, almost 2,000 applications were submitted for this contest. In total 235 objects were selected out of all the applications and presented at the final exhibitions. The most important goal of make me! is to forecast upcoming trends and bold ideas as well as support young designers. We will know the winners of the contest on the first day of the festival (May 14). The winners will receive the make me! Design Awards to a total value of EUR 15.500. Thanks to the support of Ceramika Paradyż, the most talented individuals will receive financial awards, that is the make me! Paradyż Awards to a total value of EUR 13.200 PLN. The make me! Interprint Award to a total value of EUR 2,200 PLN will be given by its sponsor, INTERPRINT Polska.

We are glad that both the most important and emerging designers from Poland and abroad will be able to present their achievements to such a wide audience due to the festival. The character of Lodz lends itself perfectly to supporting creative activities that can help us adjust to the surrounding reality. Thanks to our partners, such as OFF Piotrkowska and Manufaktura, the residents of Łódź will be able to look for inspiration and stimulate their creativity in their favorite locations – says Maciej Łaski, the director of the Łódź Event Center.

As always, the festival will also feature unusual interventions in public spaces. Our new partners and we will prepare floating, island-like plant gardens that are ideal for creating unique ecosystems and introducing additional green areas and biodiversity into the city.


The organization of the Łódź Design Festival is possible because of the support of the Łódź Event Center and the City of Łódź.


15. Łódź Design Festival