ŁDF received prestigious label!


We are pleased to inform that Lodz Design Festival received EFFE 2017-2018 – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe label for remarkable festivals initiated by the European Festivals Association. It is an international festival community connecting festivals that are deeply committed to the arts, their communities and Europe. 

Our festival received the following feedback from the International Jury and Hub Experts:

"Lodz Design Festival is currently the most significant and internationally recognized design event in Poland.  It's a constantly developing festival - it builds consistent program around each year topic - both artistic and educational. The festival is supported by the city as it fits in the city strategy of development of creative sector and creative industries. The festival attracts a lot of local audience but also from the whole countryand from abroad.  It links business, local community, and civil society. It shows that design is both an art and something functional"

EFFE 2017-2018 jury:

  • Sir Jonathan Mills, Australia/UK
  • Tamar Brüggemann, the Netherlands
  • Ong Keng Sen, Singapore
  • Peter Florence, UK
  • Haris Pašović, Bosnia
  • Pavel Potoroczyn, Poland
  • Renato Quaglia, Italy
  • Irene Rossi, Belgium
  • Fruzsina Szép, Hungary

EFFE official website: www.effe.eu

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