open programme

Open Programme is a chance to show your projects at the Festival.

Open Programme is directed to institutions, curators, artists and designers. In 2018 we have made some changes to this section - from now Open Programme is also dedicated to companies who would like to share the fruit of their work with a wide audience.
The submission of works to 2021 edition of the Lodz Design Festival is possible until the 15th of February 2021. Projects submitted at a later date will be considered for the next edition of the Festival and for other activities. Additionally, selected works will be presented in our social media profiles (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter), our website and in press articles.

Open Programme is area for interesting ideas and original activities. In this section you can submit projects like:

  • exibition in Festival Centre
  • interactive installation in Festival Centre or other location in the city (museums, galleries, showrooms, and other cultural institutions )
  • artistic installation in urban space
  • product premiere (presentation with interactive elements) 
  • presentation of solutions responding to specific social problems
  • workshops
  • lectures
  • urban activities 
  • contests
  • other creatives activities 

The Festival Programme Board makes a selection from the submitted proposals and chooses most interesting ones which will be presented at the Festival.
Attention - only product presentations won’t be taken into consideration by the Programme Board. Organiser require educational and interactive value of submitted project.
Before submitting an application make sure that the project is a finished curatorial concept described in a transparent fashion, incorporating all the elements essential for presentation: required floor space, exhibition area conditions and other aspects specific to the project.

We look forward to your aplications:
Detailed conditions for submission are included in the Festival guidelines.